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Workplace Booking App is a Microsoft cloud solution for your business to manage and book workspaces and company equipment.


The Desk Sharing App includes a range of functions to help you manage workplace resources (workplaces, canteen spaces, parking spaces, technical equipment, etc.). The app is divided into two functional areas: "Booking App" and "Backoffice App".

The "Booking App" is used by your employees to book work resources.

The "Backoffice App" is used for customization, evaluation and management of bookings as well as global settings by authorized persons within your organization.

Our solution easily connects to Microsoft Teams and helps you manage your work resources quickly and easily.


  • Within the Booking App, you can view your past and pending bookings in a list view and, if required, view the bookings of your colleagues under the "Search" option. Thus, you can book yourself in the office accordingly for projects.

  • You can make multiple bookings in one day in case you want to use different resources (like certain equipment at the workplace). You can also set a serial booking to speed up the booking process if you want to use the same space on multiple days.

  • The booking assistant helps you to keep track of individual workstations and to see who has blocked a resource and for how long.

  • You can choose whether you want to display the seats on a stored map when making a booking, or whether you prefer a clear listing.

  • The app can be customized in terms of color in the back office. The RGB color table is used for this purpose. Thus, the app can reflect your corporate colors if required.

  • Employees can check in at their workstations. If you do not check in, admins have the possibility to unlock the workstation for other colleagues.

  • The workstation booking app is available for Android, iOS and any popular web browser.


  • Authorized persons can make changes in the back office app. Admins can view the bookings of all employees. If necessary, these can also be adjusted, corrected or deleted (for example, if the employee is ill).

  • Dashboards graphically display relevant evaluations from the booking behavior of employees. This allows you to make organizational decisions and identify any capacity bottlenecks.

  • You can add as many elements and spaces as you like within the three layers "Areas", "Divisions" and "Sections". For example, "Areas" represent your company buildings, "Divisions" and "Sections" can represent individual floors or department areas. This allows you to split up the structures of the company in a targeted manner, making them easier to understand. These can be individually adapted to your company.

  • You can easily upload site plans or similar graphical representations of the office space with the common formats and add seats with a crosshair. If necessary, you can also temporarily deactivate these, if certain workstations should not be bookable due to lower utilization of employees.

  • In the global settings you can define and adjust any functions for the Booking App. For example, you can enable serial bookings and set a booking time horizon, or enable or disable the display of colleagues' bookings.

You can store an unlimited number of working, parking or canteen spaces and thus realistically store your premises.



Functions of the Booking App:​-

  • Listing of own bookings as well as (if required) search for bookings of colleagues

  • Bookings of different elements within one day or based on serial bookings

  • Booking assistant helps to easily identify the available spaces

  • Bookable elements selectable on map and list view

  • Color differentiation (by status information as well as color adjustment of the entire app to comply with the corporate identity)

  • Check-in and check-out option for employees

  • Available for Android, iOS and Web as well as in Microsoft Teams

Functions of the Backoffice App:

  • Functions for adding, managing, correcting, editing and deleting bookings of any user

  • Dashboards and statistics, weekly and historical views

  • Management of structures (areas, departments, sections) and bookable elements (for example, workstations, parking spaces, technical equipment and much more)

  • Visual configuration of bookable elements (map view) as well as uploads of existing area plans

  • Numerous customizations possible through global configuration in the backoffice app

  • Activation and deactivation of elements (for example in case of low occupancy)

  • No license-required limitation of the number of structural elements (for example, buildings, rooms, workstations)



In the "Dashboards" section, you can view graphical representations of the data from the Workplace Booking app. The dashboards tell you everything you need to know about the utilization ratio of your premises and can thus understand whether you either need even more capacity for your employees or whether you are limiting capacities and saving costs at the same time. The display is created automatically and can be viewed on a daily basis.




You can upload the room plans of your office in the most common image formats and then individually define, adjust and activate or deactivate seats using a crosshair. All spaces (work, parking or canteen spaces) can be created and managed in the same way and have been designed in a user-friendly way.



The simple and modern design of the workplace booking app convinces with its intuitive functionality and visual facilitation of booking for employees. Explanatory and descriptive texts for individual elements can be added individually in the back office and viewed in the app.



Thank you very much!



Lennart Wörmer

Manager in the Microsoft Power Platform area and Microsoft Windows Insider MVP.

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